30 [M4A] Looking for Valorant group/players

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2021.10.22 13:37 Pulosis 30 [M4A] Looking for Valorant group/players

Selamat pagi!
My friend (M) and I (M) are looking for a regular Valorant competitive group. We've been playing duos for roughly over a year now, mostly weekend nights. I'd say our level of play leans more towards casual.
We've both been hovering (well, mostly stuck) in bronze - silver, and we think having a full group might help us improve our teamplay and overall game. Weekend sessions around 8PM to whenever would be ideal. We can also try playing weekdays, but free time can be somewhat sparse on those days.
If anyone would like to 'adopt' us into your group, that would be great! Or if you're around the same rank, is chill enough with a couple of casuals and would like to join us, we'd love to have you in our games. No preference in age or gender, just note that a lot of our jokes/references/topics will be from our age group.
We play mostly in Tagalog, but English & Taglish groups/individuals also welcome ^_^
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2021.10.22 13:37 Nixon_86d Thinking about some neat additions to Dayz.

I've loved this game for years, and they have added a few things I was hoping for, removed somethings I loved.. But there are a couple things I think would be cool to see implemented. 1. Psilocybin mushrooms that cause you to trip. Can't say how many hale bale fungus I've eaten in hopes of tripping. It add a whole new spin. Imagine getting caught by some bandits, forced to eat them, then sent tripping into the wild. Imagine a gun fight. Colours warping, everything you touch rippling,trails on objects.. You could also laugh like Kuru giving away your location. Make for some pretty sunsets though. 2. More dangerous Zeds. Not like the NBC types. Were talking years this been going on now, lets see some crazy monster evolution or modification from eggheads in a bunkers akin to the Nightwalker. Someone alive out there, wheres the NBC strikes coming from after nearly a decade 3. Infected animals. No not talking a bunny of death, but imagine a zombie bear, pack of zombie wolves. 4. Bring back leather clothes, water pouch's and backpacks. They looked so cool. 5. I want my bow back please. I still to this day walk out my way at a feather coup.. 6. Caves. I know the 'ground' mesh in dayz makes it hard but its easy to stack rocks on rocks.. Build a flat rock base, stack rocks in a cave manner round it. Its how we made gulags back in the mod.
Just some random ideas I had. Games came a long way, both good and bad, this is a little something I think would be cool.
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2021.10.22 13:37 JohnnyRa1nbow What do you think guys? Advertised as a crested bridgesii

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2021.10.22 13:37 sakib_rayhan just why

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2021.10.22 13:37 Diligent_Phase_2989 MyChart question

Can nurses and doctors see everytime I sign in and out of MyChart?
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2021.10.22 13:37 CatterBot154 Literally my reddit life

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2021.10.22 13:37 Cody_95 Cat going through initial stages of kidney failure

So my cat of 15 years is going through the stages of kidney failure unfortunately. About 6 years ago i had another cat that i had to put down, and now it's just been this one cat in the house the entire time. He meows loudly randomly, and it just seems like he is lonely as well. My question is what does everything think about me potentially bringing in another cat? I don't want him to be lonely, because these meows he does sound heart breaking, but i don't want him to be stressed with having a new cat around when my intentions are meant as only wanting him to have someone there while I'm away at work for 10 hours a day.
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2021.10.22 13:37 VanguardSucks Negative net worth to 2mil our timeline

We had -30k debt in 2010.
We now have 2 millions.
I am making 280k, my husband is making 115k, the end.
Not a brag post or anything at all. Just show you pours that if I can do it, you can do it too:
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2021.10.22 13:37 kyeso https://headball2.app.link/gaGqpRBk200mg

I'm challenging you!💪😁 Download Head Ball 2 now and let’s see who's the champion!⚽🏆 https://headball2.app.link/gaGqpRBk3jb
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2021.10.22 13:37 Justinfields42 Looking for teammates in new season on ps4

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2021.10.22 13:37 WesAltenburg Sources: Dennis te Kloese, Pat Onstad frontrunners in Houston Dynamo GM search

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2021.10.22 13:37 spikeylad Spooky chests have disappeared for me…

Has everyone else also gone?
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2021.10.22 13:37 AgentofLucian One of our best boys after playing outside for an hour

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2021.10.22 13:37 bystander1981 this came as a surprise

Your weekly reminder that since the insurrection, corporate interests have given $12.7 million benefitting the 147 members who voted not to certify the election results. This week we're spotlighting iHeartMedia, which has given $39,000 to the Sedition Caucus.
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2021.10.22 13:37 PorcupinePopcorn I cant read good

i am on a sales team with a partner and we serve the same group of clients.
often times i will receive an email that is addressed to me but includes my partner(boss) in the Cc line.
my problem is that i dont always realize my boss is Cc'd because i dont see it. i sort of just jump in and start handling the email and respond to the client's need.
naturally, since i did not reply all, my boss will also reply to the email, presumably with the some version of the same answer, and we are both left looking sort of funny and out of sync.
so im curious if anyone knows if there is any way to make Cc's more apparent in emails. right now their visibility at a glance seems lacking and with a sacrifice to making the senders details and subject more eye catching.
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2021.10.22 13:37 jaustengirl Are the Stranger Things outfits 75% off?

I saw the ST banner in the store advertising that outfits would be 75%, but they’re not mentioned in the news. I also can’t tell at the moment because I had previously got the outfits when they were 50% on ps5, and my laptop is put away/needs to charge.
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2021.10.22 13:37 amitrahi0404 I'm all ready

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2021.10.22 13:37 Alex_ozzy [WTS][CONUS]Heimdallr Submariner(s), Pagani Design Daytona, Parnis Deepsea Cameron, Marina Militare

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2021.10.22 13:37 Sc_Jason_t9664 I’ve never looked better

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2021.10.22 13:37 Ash_ktm Final Battle Round : Stevenstein

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2021.10.22 13:37 dreambringer1 Lindsay Lohan

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2021.10.22 13:37 ilovebeaker Janet Mark Wallace: Who's really paying for parking in Ottawa?

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2021.10.22 13:37 nukerdzn7528 Recomendação de documentário para assistir chapado de LSD ou psicodélicos (Netflix)

É um documentário muito bom sobre trips que famosos tiveram com ácido, muito bom para quem pretende usar ou está sobre efeito de ácido
É muito informativo e muito divertido já que nem parece um documentário, com música, artes e representação visual das trips como se fosse um teatro de comédia
O nome é "have a good trip adventures in psichedelics" Mas é só pesquisar LSD na barra de pesquisa da Netflix e será o primeiro que achar
Espero que gostem tanto quanto eu
Boa trip a todos
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2021.10.22 13:37 Maggiemaggie35 I got a Marowak 4591 8463 3469

4591 8463 3469 yellow gym
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2021.10.22 13:37 Yun0793 ghost

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