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[World] - Vegas judge mulls evidence question in Ruggs fatal DUI case | Toronto Star

2021.12.08 15:56 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Vegas judge mulls evidence question in Ruggs fatal DUI case | Toronto Star

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2021.12.08 15:56 DidionArdella NEWS: Vejii sees increased revenue since acquisition of Veg Essentials LLC $VEJI

Vejii announces that it achieved record unaudited consolidated net revenues of approximately $461,000 representing growth of over 100% for November ending sales compared to the entirety of Q3.The costs of good that Vejii sold in November were approximately $329,000 and gross margin was approximately 29%.
The company has seen increased revenue since the acquisition of Veg Essentials LLC, black friday/cyber monday promos and have grown their digital presence reaching 89,000 followers on instagram.
Vejii is a B.C. based company, the company is a unified digital marketplace platform featuring thousands of plant-based and sustainable living products. The platform offers easy to use omnichannel experience for both vendors and buyers.
Not financial advice
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2021.12.08 15:56 TheLeftShark123 Got kicked from a ranked game, game said I was offline and then banned me from ranked????

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2021.12.08 15:56 kindathrowaway_j Cooking food when I’m vegetarian and my boyfriend isn’t. Any ideas?

I love cooking so much, mostly some simple stuff like pasta, different cream soups, salads, variations of potato dishes, vegetables and sandwiches and I can bake some brownies or pies and some desserts. And for some weird reason I really enjoy making food for my man. But the thing is - I don’t eat meat but he does and I don’t really know what to cook so we wouldn’t make different separate dishes. But also we’re from completely different cultures but that’s a lot of fun tbh.
Any ideas what to cook in this situation?
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2021.12.08 15:56 DM_ME_LITERATURE Realising that I look at Dominos pizza the same way Francis looks at trains

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2021.12.08 15:56 UpsideDownToast1 LF: moon balls FT: apriballs, items

Have to trade:
2 * Beast ball
1 * Safari ball
2 * Sport ball
1 * Heavy ball
Also any aprimon from my sheet if you give me a chance to breed them
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2021.12.08 15:56 Efficient_Dealer8000 Selling Ocr Exambuilder + Lots of Exam Papers. Message me , fast response

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2021.12.08 15:56 elixerrr Questions that i need answers to.

I am 20M started fin at 19 Was in a year 1.25mg daily from EOD which i was on for 2 months. My hair was still going like crazy after a year now im on dut 2 times a week and finasteride other days. My question is Does finasteride lower testosterone or decrease? Im was having watery semen after increasing dut dose to 2 times and maybe it its gone. I have no morning boners i can get hard with porn n shit tho
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2021.12.08 15:56 Ok-Temperature1214 Hard day at the office.

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2021.12.08 15:56 SnooHesitations4566 Half the minis are fully painted

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2021.12.08 15:56 finallyransub17 Frequency of pace re-evaluation in marathon training

Hi all,
I am training for Boston 2022.
My background is:
- 27M, high school cross country & track runner. Ran consistently, but not competitively in college. Starting training for goal of BQ in 2016. 1st Marathon was 3:20 in October of 2016 (big blow up after 1:29 first half), 2nd was 3:02 in September of 2017 (missed Boston by :50 seconds), 3rd was 2:55 in October of 2019 (qualified for 2022 race).
5k - 16:57 (high school 2012)
10K - 35:57 (high school 2012)
Half - 1:22 (2017)
Marathon - 2:55 (2019)

I have run inconsistently over the last 5 years, probably averaging around 20mpw, but with blocks of 16-20 weeks of training leading up to goal races. Peak mileage would be around a 50-55mpw average for a training block. When I'm not actively training, I still maintain general fitness through mild weight training, other sports, and 1-3 easy runs per week (5-10 mpw).
Because I don't ever get super out of shape, I tend to be able to rapidly regain previous fitness once I start a new training cycle.
Examples: 1:27 half off 4 weeks @ 25 mpw
4:59 Mile off 6 weeks @ 25 mpw
39:09 10K off 4 weeks @ 30 MPW - start of this current training cycle.
This is obviously very intrinsically rewarding, but it makes goal setting difficult, especially when the goal race is still 18-20 weeks away.
2 weeks ago I ran a 19:45 5k time trial, ~3:09 Marathon equivalent, and today I ran a 39:09 10K time trial (see above) ~3:01 Marathon equivalent.
I plan to build up to a 50mpw average over the next 4 weeks or so & hold that until the marathon taper. I would like to take a stab at sub 2:50, but it's hard to know if that is a realistic goal, or if fitness gains will come much slower after I get back to my previous peak fitness levels. What suggestions are out there for programming marathon training while accounting for improvement along the way?
My thoughts:

  1. Time trial a 5k or 10k every 2-3 weeks (advantages: track improvement more accurately. Disadvantages: may need increased recovery time, may not represent current fitness due to training volume/other factors.)
  2. Run workouts by feel rather than time goals (advantages: unlikely to train too hard to hit a time. Disadvantages: may undershoot potential or lack confidence in fitness).
  3. Try to hit some workouts at goal paces for 2:50 marathon (advantages: will know what target paces feel like. Disadvantages: could easily lead to overreaching/injury/unideal training due to running too hard).
  4. Others?
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2021.12.08 15:56 The_Nutcrack Visa Opens Bitcoin Consulting Service For Banks

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2021.12.08 15:56 Cherrynotastripper Reshiram now 5570 3142 6273

Add quickly
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2021.12.08 15:56 heartenside 5 Best Mens Casual Pants For Comfortable

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2021.12.08 15:56 youwontknow513 Jungle Expedition Gone

Has anybody had where an entire challenge just disappears? I have completed all of them. Except the jungle. Unlocked it but it’s not anywhere on my map.
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2021.12.08 15:56 Sloxzy If I craft death certificate as t.cain, do I actually unlock it?? Or do I only get it for the run.

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2021.12.08 15:56 egorf38 An Archer’s Analysis: Episode 3 – Echoes

A lot to go over in this one so I’ll keep my explanations brief
A – Bows are not effective melee weapons, especially the limbs. Limbs are flexible. If you are gonna hit someone with a bow (don’t) hit them with the handle portion. Or better yet just use the arrows and stab them
B – Shooting 2 arrows at once is definitely possible, I have done it many times. Problem is, you have the same potential energy (tension in limbs) split between 2x the mass of arrow. That means each arrow will have half the energy as when shot with just one arrow on the bow. Half the speed, half the penetration. You can also see that the arrows are stacked vertically, important for the next picture.
C – if the arrows are stacked vertically, they will have different vertical trajectories so they should (in theory) land one above the other separated by some distance. Here they are split horizontally. The arrows would need to be beside each other for this to work. The only way these arrows could penetrate thick concrete is by having specialized sci-fi tech points and incredibly strong shafts, or having the bow being an incredibly high draw weight and clint having super strength (possible).
When an arrow hits something hard like that a few things tend to happen. 1. The tip gets smashed backwards into the shaft creating a mushroom or flowerlike appearance of the shards of carbon that make up the shaft 2. The plastic clip at the end of the arrow that holds it on the string (the nock) pops out of the shaft due to extreme vibration

  1. the arrow shatters, again due to extreme vibration, and large forces at play
D – Falling horizontally means there is nothing holding the arrow in place against the riser, it would fall off the bow and rotate around the clip holding it to the string.
E – another slow-mo example of a perfectly straight arrow in the air. Should be a serpentine motion (the archer’s paradox). For an in depth explanation see Episode 1 point C
F – I guess Clint saw my point about stabbing people with arrows instead of smacking them with your bow
G – Bad release. After letting go of the string, Clint lifting his hand up and away in a exaggerated and dramatic fashion. A good release is subtle and the follow through is straight backwards, in line with where the arrow was. When you release upwards like that, you are actually imparting a force onto the string, and thus the arrow, in the direction that your hand is moving
H – no anchor point. Inconsistent trajectory each shot.
I – red line is the line the arrow should be sitting according to how he is pointing the bow, green line is the angle that Clint is actually pulling on the string. He is putting a huge torque onto the bow by pulling at such an angle, when he releases the string is going to be travelling downwards (in this frame of reference) as much as it is moving to the right. Not only is this a huge inefficiency in energy transfer, the direction of the string motion is downwards, meaning the arrow will be rotating around the string as it accelerated, like a pivot, meaning the arrow is actually going to fire at a higher trajectory than if it was shot straight.
J – Similar to the previous image, this one though, he is using a reverse grip and the string is twisted in his left hand. I highlighted the angle of the string to illustrate that Clint’s hand should not be as perfectly horizontal as it is. It should be in the same plane as the string is
K – we’ll chalk this one up to super powers
L - same number of arrows in the quiver at the beginning and end of the warehouse fight scene.
M – a bow limb is not going to be able to smash a car window
N – I don’t know what this gadget is on the bow. I always assumed it was some sort of laser sight, but the problem is that a laser sight is only accurate at one distance which it is tuned to previously. String arm is off at an angle, inefficient and likely to influence the direction of the shot. For an in-depth explanation see episode 1, point B3. Also, Kate isn’t anchoring
O – an example of something done well. A nice clean release, straight back and in line with the arrow. This was the release of the shot she was holding in picture N. She’s got a couple nice releases in this episode.
P – This is after the car has spun around to make it easier for her to shoot, which it would, for a left-handed shooter, which Kate is. Unfortunately, this leads to a pretty bad continuity error. Speaking of handedness, a left-handed shooter is someone who holds the bow in their right hand and draws the string with their left. A right-handed shooter holds the bow in their left, draws with their right. In the A-roll shot, Kate is holding her shot as her normal left-handed self. In the B roll of the same shot, Kate has suddenly switched to being a right-handed shooter.
Q – another clean release by Kate
R – Holding 2 arrows in your hand but shooting one is definitely do-able with some practice. It would be difficult and uncomfortable to get a good shot off at first. This was routine for many eastern civilizations who wanted to shoot quickly.
S – a pretty bad error. When moving around the car, Kate’s bow is not strung, and the string is dangling towards the front of the bow. the tension has been removed from the limbs by removing the string from the grooves in the limb tips. This is like trying to shoot a bow using a cooked spaghetti as a string.
Have to combine these last few to meet Reddit's 20 image maximum
T – Nice shot clint! Nothing particularly egregious about this shot, but it is quite difficult to shoot an arrow up so high and have it come down with any sort of accuracy, but there are disciplines specifically focused on it. Unless you practice it a lot, not going to happen
U – Getting hit with a USB arrow is still going to hurt a lot. Unless he is wearing some body armour (certainly possible). Fun tidbit though, a normal, non-USB arrow, will go right through Kevlar, because an arrow tip doesn’t deform like a soft lead bullet does.
V – Laws vary by province/state, but in many areas, including where I live, you do not require a license to buy, own, or use a bow (not including a hunting license). Carrying a bow on public transport is totally fine as a bow is sports equipment. Now if the company who operates the busses and trains has a specific policy you may be out of luck, but you can just put it in a case or cover to avoid questions. Some companies may just require you to take the string off the bow. Unfortunately, this isn’t going to stop you from getting a few stares or encountering a driver who doesn’t know the law/their own policy and they may kick you off/not let you on anyway. Bastards.
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2021.12.08 15:56 Rynabb Considering an FX35 after my X3 crapped out on me pre-maturely. Is $9500 a good deal with 96K miles?

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2021.12.08 15:56 KingOfSpades4 How do I start composing classical music?

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2021.12.08 15:56 AndreasUdd Altstadt: Sossarna måste göra upp med islamismen

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2021.12.08 15:56 SilverNew311 How to leave a contract position early?

I started a contract position about two months ago, and it has been an uphill battle. Responsiblities do not align with posting; I've been moved to a completely different team. I have been thrown into an unknown workstream that I have zero experience in, and there is no training or point of contact.
I received an offer for a full-time position that I've been hoping for. I already read my contract, there is no litigious action involved if I leave early and the only request is that I stay at least 30 days from start of contract. I do not want to burn a bridge with the contract company or the client, how can I best proceed? Thank you all in advance 🙇‍♂️
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2021.12.08 15:56 Unique_username1 [USA-NH] [H] Paypal [W] midrange i5/R5 CPU or ITX mobo combo

I'm looking for a bang-for-the-buck CPU to use with an ITX mobo. I'm leaning towards AMD, maybe 5600X, because B450 ITX seems like the cheapest mobo. I would consider Intel CPUs but due to the higher cost of motherboards, I'd be looking for a better deal on the CPU. If you have a combo with an ITX mobo, I'd consider that too!
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2021.12.08 15:56 treetop321 Sending gifts for delibird

3181 0674 9677
If anyone else has the send 10 gifts add me!
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2021.12.08 15:56 ServvivalNetwork Christmas Interior of the Gingerbread Manor.

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2021.12.08 15:56 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Op-Ed] - Can You Say Crime-Prediction Software Is Bad without Considering Whether It Is Accurate? | National Review

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