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Убирает траходром, для привлечения самочки

2021.12.08 15:37 SSinglers Убирает траходром, для привлечения самочки

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2021.12.08 15:37 Skenar Should I level slayer in NMZ?

Im considering afking nmz with demon and etc slayer tasks
View Poll
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2021.12.08 15:37 SimcaJB Recenze: West Side Story (2021)

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2021.12.08 15:37 ShodyLoko "The government does not want a population capable of critical thinking. It's a big club and you ain't in it" - George Carlin

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2021.12.08 15:37 SleepDeprivedUserUK The entire article for Vishal Garg (The guy who fired almost a thousand people over Zoom)

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2021.12.08 15:37 Sad_Reporter4624 What’s your advice on asking someone out?

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2021.12.08 15:37 OMIANONYMOUS khatam. tata. byebye

yrrrrr itna kyu procrastinate kardiya padne mein meinnn yarr aj physics ka midterm hai aur bas 4 chapters padh ke jaa raha huu woh bhi not 100% prepared 😭😭
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2021.12.08 15:37 whyileftyou International Court stops short of demanding return of Armenian POWs

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2021.12.08 15:37 porngirls612 💋

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2021.12.08 15:37 VoidKrun are balck people real

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2021.12.08 15:37 milo6669 For anyone wondering what your buddy (Happy Helper Plan) gathers when you're away, this is what I got from being away for an hour.

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2021.12.08 15:37 gsf_smcq The primary driver of null stagnation is the absurdly high barrier to entry to newer/emerging powers

I'm sure a lot of people may be happy that the game was finally generating headlines again with a massive war between the two major player blocs, but let's not kid ourselves: The major blocs in play have been the major blocs for years on end, a status quo that is no closer to unfreezing, and the last several years of this bumbling around with scarcity bullshit made the problem worse overall.
Back In The Day, there was a lot more churn in the galactic geopolitics because groups disbanded from drama and re-formed and new groups formed and banded together and all that, and the most they'd have to do to get competitive was build a lot of dreadnoughts. Well now that doesn't cut it. There are basically 2 types of groups in null: Two big blocs with tons of supercaps, and groups that exist at the permission of the blocs with tons of supercaps.
This isn't just a problem of wealth accumulation, it's a problem of how that wealth buys victory. Supers have a bunch of scaling problems that make them a complete nightmare to fight with a conventional capital fleet or really anything else when massed in large numbers. The frontloaded nature of doomsdays in particular makes titans scale absurdly well because the adversary's force has to sacrifice some number of caps just to put doomsdays on cooldown, and that number that goes up with the number of titans. And now it costs 5 fucking billion for a dread hull. This isn't some amazing strategic insight, the entire point of spam-building entire fleets of supercaps was to jack the price of contesting them to unreasonable levels and ensure extremely lopsided victories.
Well, gee, guess you have to build your own supers, right? Oh, wait, you need sov for that... and now the material requirements for it are massively higher AND they require months of additional skill training. Meanwhile everyone that already spam-built supercaps during the Age of Endless Spod still has them, while the aforementioned price tag for contesting them is now about triple what it was. Thanks, CCP!
Most of that victory-buying wealth is not in depletable material stockpiles like Rattati seems to think they are for some reason, it's in the spam-built supers, and we just spent 2 years faffing about with design driven by stupid slogans about "autarky" and shit, convoluted material requirement fuckery, and raising the cost of caps and trying to put the cat back in the bag and all of this Rube Goldberg-esque overcomplicated bullshit instead of just doing the obvious, simple thing and nerfing excavators and supers. Could have made all of the legacy supers paperweights until they added the upgrade parts or something so the legacy supers wouldn't be massively advantaged instead too, but didn't, and too late now!
And no, those supers are not attritioning out. People are not stupid (okay maybe the people getting dumpstered on lowsec "freeports" are stupid but that happens like once a month now), and they're not going to chain-welp them on CRAB beacons or whatever either unless those welp magnets print so much ISK that they're even more broken. It's going to take another bloc war to kill them, and the fact that the blocs want to keep their super fleets so they can bully their neighbors makes it less likely that war will happen, or that they'll put their super fleet on the table even if it does.
The solution isn't complicated: Just nerf them. Stop making insane build trees, stop screwing with moons, just fucking nerf them. Or if you really can't do that, revert the dreadnought material changes so the cannon-fodder option starts looking a little more realistic, and more importantly, affordable.

TL;DR: Null is stale because of the lack of new blood, and the lack of new blood is because there is basically no on-ramp to being competitive vs. the major coalitions, because the existing coalitions bought their way into an uncontestable position at discount, and all the past 2 years of bullshit accomplished was revoking that discount and making the problem worse for everybody else.
The stagnation will continue until the game values present-day pilot activity more and past wealth accumulation less.
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2021.12.08 15:37 limitless2018 About to start subq test in a few days and was wondering if it would be a good idea to do a higher or more frequent doses in the first week to feel the effects quicker? Prescribed at 150mg a week split in 3

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2021.12.08 15:37 ONU471 Amor VS Tesão

Namoro há dois anos. Meu relacionamento é bom, nos apoiamos em nossas conquistas, ela me ajuda com o que preciso e eu a ajudo com o que ela precisa. Quase não brigamos, sempre conversamos e temos nosso próprio espaço. Mas, como sempre, há alguns problemas e vou separar para que vocês opinem melhor.

  1. Moramos com meu sogro: no começo do relacionamento eu vivia mais na casa dela do que na minha (sou sozinho na cidade). Por isso, decidimos que eu viria morar. Não temos problema com isso, mas recentemente surgiu a oportunidade de alugar uma casa massa e ela tem medo, porque o pai dela pode não deixar ela voltar para casa se precisar (sim, ele diz que se você sai, não pode voltar). Fico incomodado, porque mesmo não tendo problemas, a casa não é minha e vivo sob regras deles. Devo me mudar sozinho? Devo levar ela, mesmo sabendo do risco de terminarmos e ela não ter para onde ir?
  2. Eu sinto muito tesão e ela não. Ela tem baixa libido, não sente necessidade de transar. A média é uma vez por mês, mas já ficamos 4 meses sem. Eu procuro respeitar, não insisto e ultimamente nem tento mais. A conquista acabou, a provocação acabou. Sinto falta disso e agora, com o fim da pandemia, muitas meninas tem vindo falar comigo, tive que literalmente me esquivar de um beijo no último rolê que fui. Eu não trairia, mas não sei se consigo viver minha vida toda transando uma vez por mês. Já conversamos sobre, ela sempre diz que está tentando melhorar, mas... Não sei o que fazer, porque sexo é uma parte extremamente importante da vida, não só o ato, mas tudo que o envolve. A tendência é piorar? Vou conseguir me segurar sempre?
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2021.12.08 15:37 reciprocal_space [Hadrien Grenier] PSG are ready to listen to loan offers for Wijnaldum in January. He would be open to a return to the Premier League. Arsenal could be an option.

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2021.12.08 15:37 edgarb159 How to start meditating?

Hello fellow Redditors

I am a person who is finishing his studies, but I have a lot of stress and my mind is very full, it is difficult for me to concentrate on things related to my studies for that reason, I have seen that meditation can help, could you give me some advice and ways to start in the meditation? It would be of great help and a great improvement in my life.

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2021.12.08 15:37 UndisputedWorldChamp A story of passing my love of pineapple to my daughter.

My daughter (20) is currently heartbroken due to a recent miscarriage. She's doing ok, and I got her in therapy for it, but it's gonna take time to heal.
I called her a little bit ago and asked her how she's doing, and she said I'm ok right now, I'm eating a pineapple and cheese pizza.
She started telling me how pineapple has always been her go-to comfort food, because a lot of her best memories involved me and pineapple, and she's been my little sidekick since the day she was born.
Her first experience with pineapple resulted in her only wanting to drink pineapple juice. Obviously we couldn't let her do that, but it lead to her craving it quite often.
When she was 4 years old, my ex worked at Domino's as a manager. She brought our daughter to work one day, and while on the phone noticed she didn't see her, so she panicked and found her going elbows deep in the pineapple container in the walk in, shoving handfuls into her mouth. My daughter cried as she watched the rest of the container get dumped in the trash. When she came home, she said her stomach hurt, then proceeded to throw up what looked like 5 pounds of pineapple. She smiled after and said now I can eat more. Like wtf? Lol.
In the years since, we've been to concerts, restaurants, etc. that always seem to have some new pineapple drink or dessert, and we always have to get it.
This Summer we went to a concert and they had pina colada slushes served in whole pineapples, and she drank 4 of them until she puked. It was non alcoholic, but this girl refuses to accept there's a limit to pineapple consumption lol. She'll let it go and laugh it off like it's nothing. Total weirdo, but I love her dearly.
It was just good to hear her laugh again at a time like this, all because of pineapple. Best thing ever.
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2021.12.08 15:37 dixidoll To have loved and lost

The poets speak of love
The ecstasy and joy of being known and yet still wanted
The thrill of giving yourself wholly to another
And finding the other half to your brokenness,
Someone whose mere presence makes everything right.

The poets speak of love
The hurt and the darkness of loving someone wholly
The pain of choosing to break your own heart and theirs
When love chose the wrong time to surface,
When what feels so right is in fact wrong.

Do the poets speak of love?
Of the aching hole that takes the place once filled,
Of the bitterness and emptiness that follows?
When your heart yearns for another,
Yet can never be satisfied in them again?

As a poet I speak of love
The highs, the lows, joy and sorrow
The memories filled with laughter
And the long cold nights so achingly alone.
And I ask
Isn't it better to have loved and lost,
Then to have never loved at all?

"Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all." ~Tennyson
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2021.12.08 15:37 soeasilyamazed Embark test just sent in. Any guesses? Shelter told us heeler/border collie, but we suspect there's more in there. She's about 35lbs at 3 years old.

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2021.12.08 15:37 SuukMeiDiek Nice serve!

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2021.12.08 15:37 iamzo Clearing out some old photos when I stumbled upon the first ad I found about this game and fell in love with it… June 23, 2018

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2021.12.08 15:37 zhianwest Join PokeMine Public Beta 2 to WIN $39800 worth of PokeMine NFT Rewards NOW!

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2021.12.08 15:37 sifatullahq1 better safe than sorrry

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2021.12.08 15:37 jkharr200634 Blockfi app and website denying my Google authentication process. What gives?

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2021.12.08 15:37 utscraymond new to banking and need some advice or opinions on BMO Mutual Funds and ETFs

I currently work for a Canadian banking institution and want to save/invest my money so I can get a decent return without directly investing in stocks on my own.
I currently do invest in stocks but I also want to start investing in mutual funds and etfs/ I was interested in BMO mutual funds because it's not too risky and I'll get a better return than my current saving accounts.
Any advice for someone who is starting out? I honestly just want something that's better than my current 0.05% savings account but not too risky- like I just want to put a principal amount in an account or fund and see what I can get. I am new to banking and am slowly learning new things while working at a bank but does anyone have any suggestions for good accounts or funds to obtain?
A lot of people recommend TD GIC's but I'm not shabby about the locked-in for a certain amount of years.
Thank you in advance :)
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