2022.01.25 09:06 oneforgetfulbug genderfluid_irl

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2022.01.25 09:06 Manderboi Not to be that guys but can Mordekaiser do this???

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2022.01.25 09:06 GeilerArts “The Bee Keeper”, Me, Pen and Ink, 2022

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2022.01.25 09:06 nashgirl800 As I’m sitting here in the dark with my coffee I notice how the light of a controller charging station going up through the lampshade of a lamp looks like a Rebel Alliance Starbird

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2022.01.25 09:06 AdRepresentative7600 Henry Ericson`s Problem Case

An appraisal of the situation The situation faced by Henry Erickson is complex and multi-faceted. Department director Mark Simpson, who is also responsible for Ericson being appointed to his current position, presents information to him in a way, as to create a one-sided dilemma, where on the one hand is the welfare of a single rancher and his herd, and, on the other, the integrity of a major business, which has many influential politicians and officials investing in with it, including those who support the current governor (who began focusing on the policy of the “open government” in the first place), the potential future governor, and Simpson himself. By extension, he is trying to imply that political damage to him can have an adverse impact on Erickson as well, creating a personal stake in maintaining silence. However, Simpson’s presentation of the situation is biased, and omits or distorts important information. In the beginning, Erickson’s uncertainty stemmed from the lack of evidence confirming the connection between the livestock deaths, the Fast Grow Corporation, and Fitzgerald. But Simpson verified the existence of such a link and alluded to the damage the reveal of information could cause to the people involved, reinforcing the possibility of its illegal nature. Additionally, the involvement of Democrats and financial supporters of the governor does not automatically make him complicit with their misdemeanors. In his actions, Simpson goes against such Principles of Public Administration, as defined by the European Commission in 2014, such as accountability, quality service, and public service. Also, both data discovered by Ericson and that which was shared by Simpson point to massive levels of corruption among politicians, as well as the attorney general, who not only ignore potential contamination problems but make effort to hide them. Finally, Ericson needs to understand that if actual fertilizer contamination is taking place, this could endanger a lot of people beyond Oscar Walton and his cattle. While it may seem that Ericson has a conflict of interest between the public, his department, and integrity, his obligations, both ethical and occupational, are to serve the public, ensure the protection of the environment, and maintain transparency, as a public relations representative. One more issue is that if the information about the contamination and the State Department’s non-involvement were discovered from a different source, this would unquestionably have a devastating effect on its reputation. Plausible alternative strategies and likely consequences In this situation, there are several courses of action Ericson can take to maintain his integrity, prevent corruption, and stop environmental damage. First of all, he can continue with his investigation to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the situation, ignoring his department director’s warnings. It is unclear what Simpson would be willing to do to maintain secrecy, and if this course of action can put Ericson’s career and wellbeing at stake. Simpson would have sufficient tools at his disposal to disrupt Ericson’s efforts; similarly to what happened in the case of the former New York City Police Department Officer Adrian Schoolcraft was harassed and discredited by his colleagues, in an attempt to silence his concerns over unethical practices in the department (Parascandola, 2010). He could also try to use the mechanisms the organization has set up to deal with such issues, and file a complaint to an official higher on the chain of command. While this can potentially help, it can also endanger Ericson, similar to previous option, since the extent of corruption, and how high is the threat of retaliation, are unknown. Finally, Ericson can report the incident to an outside organization, for example, the Department of Investigation, and present them with the existing evidence. He also has several ways of leaking information straight to the general public. On the one hand, he can use his position as a public relations representative to disclose information directly to the media. This would draw media attention to him, and once again potentially causing retaliation actions, but would allow control over presentation and angle of the information. On the other hand, he could leak the information to the media while keeping himself anonymous. This could protect his person, but would allow the media more control over how to present the story, which could result in a severe negative impact not only on the persons responsible for the contamination but also on the State Department of Environmental Protection and the current governor, potentially harming his chances for reelection. Additionally, his involvement could still be discovered by the adversaries involved due to prior interest in the case. Choice of action and strategy, a justification of your choices In this situation, the best course of action would be to use several methods. I would use the internal department’s mechanisms, and would attempt to coordinate with my superiors to produce the best message for the public and the media. It would draw attention to the issue, while also emphasizing that the discovery of this environmental problem and behind-the-scenes corruption was possible mainly due to the current governors “open government” policy. This would prevent potential displaced criticism, and could even eventually help him in his election campaign. The message should also focus on the positive role of the Department in the discovery of this issue. If the findings of possible internal and external are presented as a “success” of the department, this could boost its reputation, and demonstrate the state officials’ striving for transparency. The latter factor could further strengthen the trust between the State Department and the public. References Parascandola, R. (2010). Whistleblower cop on lawsuit vs. NYPD: ‘This is not about money’. Web.
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2022.01.25 09:06 w650az Witness at scene of CDC lab monkeys crash has developed symptoms

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2022.01.25 09:06 AccomplishedFan8241 Paying $75

Must be new to acorns. Download app and invest 5 bucks. When I receive my bonus I will pay two people $75.
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2022.01.25 09:06 Chaos-curator PLLC // S or C - Corp

tl/dr: 5yrs in pvt practice, wants to know if he should have a PLLC or corp and it’s benefits.
Come one come all. I’ve been working in private practice for about 5 years now and after finishing speciality training I work in about 7-9 offices. Almost all of them are W2 except for the one that generates about 3/4 of my monthly income that’s 1099.
I’ve heard so many dentists say why don’t you have a PLLC or a corp but no one has ever explained the point or how I can benefit from this. Or who I should go about contacting.
I’d really appreciate any insight as I am also about to make a big machine purchase for work ($30k) and would like to somehow get this deducted from my income.
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2022.01.25 09:06 matthewsbunch January 25, 1947: Al Capone dies on Miami Beach's Palm Island. Learn more about the life, and death, of Scarface in South Florida.

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2022.01.25 09:06 MovieMike007 Thundarr the Barbarian (1980-1981) One of the greatest adventure cartoons of all time.

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2022.01.25 09:06 koskenjuho Our 6yo English Toy Terrier just had 3 teeth removed, still slightly smiling

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2022.01.25 09:06 itsme1088 sudden loss of strength after a short rest period of 4 days.

has anyone here experienced a sudden loss of strength after a short rest period ? my usual routines are working out out 4-5 times a week, was able to do 500 pushups a day without much issues. usual workout would consist of anywhere from 300-400 pushups(diff variations) and other basic calisthenics pull up/chin up stuff.
just started working out again after a rest period of a few days and my pushups feel significantly heavier and sluggish in general. this made me feel weak and lose a lot of motivation, didn’t really do much during the rest period and i’m currently really confused on how i should alter my current routine according to my situation rn.
will really appreciate any advice ! thank you
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2022.01.25 09:06 BigRichi212 Do you believe extraterrestrial are monitoring social media? Or the internet?

What do you believe ? We do live in a world we’re the impossible is possible.
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2022.01.25 09:06 BirchDesktop471 What's anime character you first encounter him/her from R34?

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2022.01.25 09:06 baddieleaksxyz 🔥 hannahowo FULL UPDATED MEGA with many other models! 😍
BaddieLeaks FREE OnlyFans links hannahowo, corinna kopf premium packs ❤
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2022.01.25 09:06 That_awkward_moment OCE servers starting off pretty wild

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2022.01.25 09:06 lucashenrr There is something sus here

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2022.01.25 09:06 Available_Toe_3095 Feeling lost

It’s like I said in the title. I feel like I’m in a rut. I have a good job, I like my coworkers but there’s I feel like I’m in this cycle, this pattern, and I don’t know how to break out of it. Ever since lockdown last year I’ve felt like I don’t know how to meet new people anymore. I don’t remember how to make new relationships, and I don’t know how to make them meaningful. All of my friends are from when I was 15 and we’re all in different places. When I speak to them I feel like I’m clinging on to something that’s already gone, and that everyone else has moved on, but I’m still stuck here. The people I do meet don’t seem to want anything to do with me. Almost like they’re rejecting me because of how I look before even getting to know me. I guess I just feel like I’m in this shell, and I don’t know why. I’m starting to doubt myself. Maybe I just have an unpleasant personality, maybe I’m really ugly and I don’t realise it, maybe I just make people uncomfortable. I feel like lockdown makes it worse but I don’t know what I’d do even if things were back to normal.
I’m not from New Zealand, I have an accent, but my English is good, I have a sense of humour, I listen to the same music and watch the same movies as any other person. I just feel like I don’t fit in, on some deeper level. Maybe that’s true, maybe I’m just anxious.
Has anyone ever felt like this? What did you do?
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2022.01.25 09:06 playertariat Microsoft heads for second big EU showdown — this time over gaming

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2022.01.25 09:06 Blackpowderkun Isekai Spin-off set on earth.

Are there any spin-offs of isekai set on earth?
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2022.01.25 09:06 Keybliss Please fix Blood Weapon or the alt spam will continue

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2022.01.25 09:06 philium_ Why is it only base game a Tsar maps?

I took some time away from playing BF1, namely when BFV came out and recently I've started playing BF1 again. The one thing that really bothers me about the game is that the only populated serves I can find are only on base game maps or the Tsar maps. I want to play all the other maps like from TSNP or Apocalypse or Turning Tides. Why are they never played?
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2022.01.25 09:06 xcellab XT.COM is listing XcelDefi (XLD) for trading

XT.COM is listing XcelDefi (XLD) for trading
The native token of the Xcellab Ecosystem, XcelDefi(XLD) is getting listed on XT.COM. XT.COM is the world’s first social exchange with the best selection of cryptocurrencies. The XLD/USDT trading pair will be available on XT.COM at (UTC+8), Jan 27, 2022.
  • Users can start depositing XLD in preparation for trading at 11:00, Jan 26, 2022 (UTC+8)
  • Withdrawals for XLD will open at 17:00 on Jan 28, 2022 (UTC+8)
What is XcelDefi (XLD) ? A Bep-20 token built on Binance Smart Chain XcelDefi (XLD) is a native token of the Xcellab Ecosystem which provides users with the greatest utility and crypto-use-cases.
It is a governance token for XcelSwap; XLD holders can engage in staking, liquidity mining and yield farming in XcelSwap to earn higher returns and amazing rewards. Completely community-driven token, the holders of XcelDefi can contribute to shaping the future of XcelSwap as they have the right to vote in any development, projects and amendments.
XLD is built to make the most out of the XcelLab Ecosystem and to increase the adoption of crypto by making the token available for real life use cases.
XcelTrip — Users can pay with XcelDefi and book over 2.3 million hotels and 450+airlines worldwide through the decentralized OTA travel platform XcelTrip.
XcelPay Wallet — With the decentralized, secure and noncustodial XcelPay Wallet, users can top up more than 900+ mobile networks all over the world and purchase over 350+ gift cards from Amazon, Playstore, Applestore and other platforms. Users can send, receive, buy, swap, store XcelDefi(XLD) and other ERC-20 tokens and BEP-20 tokens on a secured XcelPay Wallet. Send, Receive, SWAP, and Store XLD on the go on XcelPay Wallet.
These are the powerful use cases of XcelDefi in the XcelLab ecosystem that has encouraged the adoption of crypto. Built to disrupt the traditional financial system XcelDefi(XLD) is supported by automatic smart contracts, If you want to know in-depth about XcelDefi, visit the XcelDefi roadmap.
Find us on: Telegram:
Our Website:
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2022.01.25 09:06 BlackRoseKing 1万6000個のGPUを搭載した世界最速のAIスーパーコンピューターをMetaが構築中

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